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Geographic imaging professionals need to process vast amounts of geospatial data every day — often relying on software designed for other purposes and add-on applications that create almost as many problems as they solve. Save both time and money, leverage existing data investments, and improve your image analysis capabilities with ERDAS IMAGINE.

ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, supplies tools for all your Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geospatial Analysis needs.

Erdas Imagine

Improve Your Image Analysis Capabilities

ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product. 

ERDAS IMAGINE is easy-to-use, raster-based software specificallly to extract information from images.  Perfect for beginners and experts alike, easy-to-learn ERDAS IMAGINE enables you to process imagery like a seasoned professional, regardless of your experience in geographic imaging.

Discover the Potential of Your Images

With a wide array of tools enabling you to analyse data from virtually any source and present in formats ranging from printed maps to 3D models, ERDAS IMAGINE offers you one comprehensive solution for all of your geographic imaging and image processing needs.

ERDAS IMAGINE simplifies image classification and segmentation, orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, elevation extraction, and image interpretation, while maintaining the integrity of the geospatial data you need for updating your GIS in multiple formats.

Streamline Your Workflow And Save Time

The intuitive ERDAS IMAGINE interface streamlines your workflow and saves time. Powerful algorithms and data processing functions work behind the scenes so you can concentrate on your analyses. The quick display and ability to work with multiple datasets in geographically linked viewers in ERDAS IMAGINE dramatically reduces the time you would otherwise spend trying to manually relate information from various sources.

Multiple Classification Solutions

ERDAS IMAGINE offers K-Means, ISODATA, object-based image segmentation, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Point Cloud Processing

ERDAS IMAGINE fully enables the display, editing and analysis of point clouds derived from LiDAR or point correlation of stereo pairs.

Point Cloud
Spatial Modeler

The Power of Spatial Modeller

The Spatial Modeler’s graphical editing environment provides flexiblity to capture domain expertise and turn it into re-usable algoritms.

GIS, Imagery Analysis and Data Management

ERDAS Apollo

ECW Compression

ECW Compression

IMAGINE Photogrammetry

Planning Enforcement: Automating Workflows
Using Remote Sensing Webinar

For authorities in Ireland, identifying where developments proceed without proper authorisation is exceptionally difficult. Monitoring change is costly, requiring on-site visits and over reliance on reporting. This leads to illegal builds, urban sprawl, and a reduction in green space.

In this webinar, Ciaran Kirk & Andrew Paul from IMGS show how satellite or aerial imagery can be leveraged to automate the detection of illegal builds, allowing users to monitor this change using Remote Sensing. We couple this automated workflow with a work order tool, so enforcement officers can evaluate change to built environment and act on identified breaches.


Image Compression in ERDAS IMAGINE

Image Compression in Erdas Imagine

ERDAS IMAGINE Release Guide 2022 Update 2

Erdas Imagine Release Guide

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