ECW Compression

Shrink Big Data with Enhanced Compression Wavelet Technology (ECW)

When you compress your imagery into ECW format, the result is a much smaller single file that can be stored, sent, and displayed even on small devices. ECW technology provides exceptional compression, capable of reducing terabyte-sized files to five percent of their original size, while retaining the image’s full visual quality.

  • High-performance compressed file format designed specifically for extremely large imagery stores.
  • Achieves 15:1 compression ratios (94% reduction).
  • Fastest compression and decompression (rendering) rates in the industry.
  • ECW file format is supported across all major image server and storage platforms.
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ECW Outperforms all Alternative Storage Formats

All geospatial image formats must adhere to a sliding scale of four critical format characteristics:

    • Encoding speed
    • Decoding speed
    • Image quality
    • File size requirements or compression achieved

Most compression methods prioritise one factor limiting their overall effectiveness. What makes ECW unique is that it not only provides equivalent or significantly better performance for any individual factor, but it also does so across all four factors. ECW delivers cost-savings and performance gains beyond those of all alternative methods. For example, JPEG2000 offers equivalent image quality at equivalent file size, but suffers from slow encoding and substantially slower decoding speed. Quite simply, ECW provides more efficient data storage leading to improved management, reduced data duplication, faster delivery and display and retains visually lossless image quality.

Visually Lossless Compression

Wavelet compression algorithm achieves 15:1 compression ratios at a visually lossless quality level.

Fastest Compression and Decompression

ECW compression is at least 50% faster at compressing images than other compression techniques.

ECW Fastest Compression

ECW for ArcGIS Server

With ECW support, ArcGIS Server users can leverage compression technology capable of quickly decompressing and opening massive files.

ECW Compression

Compress big imagery data by 95% while retaining full visual quality and serve with lightning fast speed from ArcGIS for Server. Using the Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) image format and ECW for ArcGIS for Server, you can provide users with the fastest image delivery and decompression rates available without cumbersome tile cache generation, ensuring imagery can be delivered as quickly and to as many users as possible.

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