Developing a Modern Asset Management Solution

Learn how Cork City Council transformed its outdated property records system into a modern, digital platform. Initiated in 2019, this strategic overhaul was completed in three phases: identifying core assets, enhancing system functionality, and finalising data entry. 

By integrating advanced geospatial and data management tools from IMGS, the Council created a unified system that improved data accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency. This case study highlights the importance of thorough planning and stakeholder engagement in successful municipal IT projects.

Streamline Processes at Enet with an Automated Network Routing Solution

Discover how Enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network provider, transformed their operations with the ‘Click Before You Dig’ automated network routing solution. This portal efficiently manages over 120 network routing requests monthly with FME integration, significantly reducing manual processing and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Explore Enet’s journey towards operational excellence and how it can inspire your business’s automation strategy.

Tracking Marine Vessels in Real Time to Enforce Common Fisheries Policy

Discover how a M.App Enterprise based solution from IMGS and Hexagon has revolutionised fisheries enforcement for the Irish Naval Service.

This modern, web-based solution replaced previous systems, offering a common operating picture for monitoring fishing activity across Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and adjacent waters. The transition to a streamlined system resulted in substantial cost and time savings, improving reporting and analytics capabilities significantly.

Delivering Enterprise Web Applications with FME - Dublin City Council Case Study

Dublin City Council (DCC), the largest local authority in Ireland, underwent a significant digital transformation in their housing maintenance operations with the help of IMGS and Safe Software’s FME platform.

IMGS were tasked with delivering a modern, digitally focused solution to enable depot forepersons to view, analyse, and issue service requests. Tradespeople were to be enabled to view, edit and close service requests from an app, issued to them by their depot foreperson.

How Waterford City and County Council's Aerial Mapping is Boosting Tree Coverage

In this case study Waterford City and County Council explains how Aerial Mapping with FME is boosting tree coverage across Waterford City and County.  This initiative involved commissioning aerial photography periodically, to capture images of the city and county.  In the most recent data collection phase, the council focused on gathering information on tree coverage across the county.

FME’s capabilities enabled the council to gauge tree canopy coverage within the city’s defined area.  This insight allowed the council to identify potential areas for future tree planting by overlaying development plan zones and public lands.

Streamlining Property Portfolio Management

Needing a better way to understand the property across its portfolio and share asset information, Monaghan County Council decided to implement a map-based asset management system to streamline operations and improve property data accuracy and quality

IMGS implemented Asset Register, a light-weight solution based on Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise. It provides a single view of Monaghan County Council’s full property asset portfolio in a modern and scalable solution.

Digital Transformation
Dublin Airport Terminals Indoor Mapping Project

In 2019 Dublin Airport welcomed 31.9m passengers to the airport, making it the busiest year on record before Covid hit. 

Given the rapid growth in Airport users, DAA decided to embark on a project to digitally map the Dublin Airport Campus. 

The primary goal of this project was to create an accurate digital representation of Dublin Airport that could provide a solid foundation for a public facing app that includes up to date flight information, quickest routing options through the terminals to the correct gate and the location of food, beverages, and shopping outlets.

Dublin City Council Culture Company

Dublin City Culture: Audit and Map

Auditing and Mapping Dublin’s Cultural Assets

Dublin City Council asked the Dublin City Council Culture Company to locate and catalogue the city’s cultural assets in a map. The map was to include places where culture happens (its buildings, public spaces, and locations) as well as people who make culture happen (its festivals, organisations, groups, and informal networks).

IMGS were contracted to develop a solution that increased cultural access and cultural participation throughout Dublin’s neighbourhoods.


SIRO GIS Solution

In 2014, SIRO identified a need for an Integrated GIS System to facilitate the speedy rollout of their fibre-to-the-building network and the project planning sessions with IMGS commenced.

Land and Property Services

From Raw Data to National Map Updates

OSNI selected IMGS, a long-time Hexagon partner in Ireland, to implement a single, end-to-end, integrated software platform to meet the group’s requirements. The result was a platform based on two tools from Hexagon, the GeoMedia GIS solution and the ImageStation production mapping and
photogrammetry solution.

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