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Cork City Council is the local authority of the city of Cork and is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, the environment, and the management of some emergency services, including the Fire Brigade. It also drives the city’s economic development and tourist offering and works every day at local level to strengthen communities. 

The Background

Cork City Council faced significant challenges with their property records management due to an obsolete bespoke software developed in the late 1990’s and subsequent failed attempts to adopt new systems, including the National Property Interest Register (PIR).  With mounting issues, a strategic review in 2019 deemed it crucial to overhaul their property records system.


The main goal was to develop a comprehensive and future-proof system to manage Cork City Council’s land and building interests digitally and spatially.  The new system aimed to be a single source of truth for property management, improving statutory compliance, asset management and transactional efficiency.

Solution Development

A three-phased approach was adopted:

Phase 1: Identify Core Portfolio

The project began with identifying properties requiring active management and representing them in an asset layer.  An off-the-shelf solution was sought, with necessary customisations identified at the deployment stage.

Phase 2: System Enhancement and Integration

This phase focused on collaborating with different Cork City Council directorates to identify  properties with incomplete records and integrate additional functionalities into the system.

Phase 3: Data Entry and System Finalisation

The final phase involved entering historical transactions and ensuring all data layers and titles were comprehensive and up to date.

Solution Components

The PTR system primarily consists of 2 components: M.App Enterprise & FME.

M.App Enterprise

M.App Enterprise Workflow

M.App Enterprise is Hexagon’s unified geospatial enterprise platform and allows you to smartly monitor land parcels and assets by processing all your relevant data in a single platform. The data capture forms are highly customisable and can be tailored for individual council requirements.  This platform is also tablet and mobile friendly.


FME Workflow

The FME Platform is the no code solution that integrates all your data and facilities extensive automated reporting, which can be shared to relevant teams across the organisation.  The ability to generate dynamic, easy to configure reports in a matter of seconds, frees up council staff from tedious manual tasks and enable them to focus their efforts on more important endeavours. 

M.App Enterprise Map

Implementation Highlights

  • The Cork City Council Property Department undertook rigorous planning, requirements gathering and market research.
  • A detailed Statement of Works guided the system requirements, focusing on functionalities like transactional data, asset layers, reporting and statutory compliance.
  • IMGS was contracted to assist with system development, with multiple workshops leading to a finalised schedule of works.
  • A governance framework was established, including a Steering Group for oversight and key business decisions and a cross-directorate Working Group to contribute to system requirements.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Data Complexity: Handling the overlapping records of acquisitions, disposals, and burdens proved complex, requiring meticulous data modelling and management.

Resource Constraints: Delays and challenges in recruitment affected project timelines, highlighting the need for adequate resource allocation.

User Acceptance Testing: The decision to forgo data migration led to extended testing phases as all data had to be manually entered, underscoring the importance of comprehensive workflow testing.

Outcomes: The new system enabled Cork City Council to manage its property portfolio more effectively, with improvements in data accuracy, statutory compliance, and operation efficiency.

“The redevelopment of our property management system marks a significant milestone in Cork City Council’s commitment to innovation and excellence. This project has not only resolved long-standing issues but also provided a robust platform for future growth.  By integrating advanced geospatial and data management tools from IMGS, we are now well-equipped to manage our property portfolio with greater precision and efficiency. This transformation highlights the power of strategic IT initiatives in driving public sector improvements”, Stephen Fox MRICS, Cork City Council.

Key Takeaways For Similiar Projects

  • Emphasise thorough pre-implementation analysis and stakeholder consultation.
  • Prepare for extensive testing and data challenges, especially when transitioning from outdated systems.
  • Ensure continuous learning and adaptation throughout the project lifecycle to align with evolving requirements and challenges.

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