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FME 2024 Unleashed: Transform Your Data World

Embrace the future of data integration and transformation with FME 2024 Unleashed: Transform Your Data World. In this webinar discover how FME 2024 can streamline your data workflows, enhance your data analysis capabilities, and unlock new opportunities for innovation within your organisation.

FME Powering Enterprise Dashboards Webinar

In this webinar, step into the world of advanced data visualisation and real-time analytics with FME. Unlock the potential of your data and transform the way your organisation makes decisions.


FME Top Features

FME 2023.0 is packed with exciting new capabilities that help organisations improve IT efficiency, enhance team collaboration, gain unrivalled productivity, and drive business growth.

This webinar will provide an overview of the latest features in FME and how they can elevate your business and data to new heights.

3D Digital Realities

This webinar will show how our Safe Software FME and Hexagon technologies provide an end-to-end solution for building and managing 3D digital realties. Our solution powers digital reality applications with integration, visualisation, collaboration tools, and automated microservices for data processing.

In the webinar we demonstrate how you can go from Sensor to Digital reality and the types of solutions that can be created using your digital reality platform.

Forms and Reporting

This webinar illustrates how Safe Software’s low code FME platform can create data entry forms and reporting tools across all platforms and devices. We demonstrate how FME can be used to create accessible data entry forms for mobile workers.

We also show how this mobile data can be analysed using FME in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and html using FME’s advanced reporting tools.

Big Data Integration with FME

In this webinar see how FME supports integration pipelines for Big Data.

You will see how easy it is for FME to connect to Big Data systems and how it supports both structured and unstructured data in any location.

We will also show how these data flowlines can be automated using FME Flow and can be easily scaled up to support large updates.

Data Quality with FME

In this webinar see how FME supports integration pipelines for Big Data.

You will see how easy it is for FME to connect to Big Data systems and how it supports both structured and unstructured data in any location.

We will also show how these data flowlines can be automated using FME Flow and can be easily scaled up to support large updates.

Planning Enforcement: Automating Detection & Enforcement Workflows

For authorities in Ireland, identifying where developments proceed without proper authorisation is exceptionally difficult. Monitoring change is costly, requiring on-site visits and over reliance on reporting.  This leads to illegal builds, urban sprawl, and a reduction in green space.

In this webinar Ciaran Kirk & Andrew Paul from IMGS will show how satellite or aerial imagery can be leveraged to automate the detection of illegal builds, allowing users to monitor this change using Remote Sensing. We couple this automated workflow with a work order tool, so enforcement officers can evaluate change to built environment and act on identified breaches.

Modern Land and Property Management with IMGS

In Ireland, at the moment there is a drive by local and central government to understand their land & property portfolio. This drive is coupled with the need to improve information sharing to curb the inefficiencies, errors, and risks that arise when departments work in isolated data silos.

In this webinar we’ll show how over a third of the councils in Ireland have untangled users from non-essential tasks and focused their efforts through highly productive map-based asset management workflows. IMGS will show how our asset management solution guides users through the execution of complex tasks without compromising accuracy or productivity.

FME 2021

Following on from the latest FME 2021.0 release, IMGS have recorded a webinar highlighting the many changes with “FME 2021”.

FME 2021.0 is packed with exciting new capabilities, to help you connect with even more systems, transform with speed and agility, and automate with increased control.  To learn more about what FME 2021 can do for you, check out this webinar today!

Predictive Analytics with M.App Enterprise

Predictive Analytics with M.App Enterprise Webinar

In this webinar you will see how M.App Enterprise can take advantage of the latest in predictive analytic technology to efficiently manage the condition of assets and drive down asset maintenance costs.  We will demonstrate how M.App Enterprise can capture and update asset location & data into a central repository.  We will also show M.App Enterprise can empower your mobile workers to update the condition of asset updates from the field to ensure your asset is always up to date.

Finally, we will show how using predictive analytics, we can forecast which assets require attention to provide an efficient reactive asset management strategy (as opposed to the more expensive planned maintenance approach).

Combine the Power of BI and GIS for Valuable Insights

In this webinar you will learn how IMGS have combined Safe Software’s FME with Sisense Business Intelligence to create integrated dashboards that deliver in depth spatial analysis and visualisation at the touch of a button.

By integrating FME Server Apps with Sisense Blox, users can perform advanced spatial analysis and data manipulation from within the Sisense Dashboard.

FME 2020

This webinar is a chance to see what’s news in the 2020 release of FME Desktop and Server.

M.App Enterprise Mobile Webinar

This “M.App Enterprise Mobile” Webinar provides an overview and demo of the mobile client.

The mobile app supports the systematic recording of location-based business transactions.

Building Web Applications with FME

This webinar explains the new FME Server Apps that were introduced in FME 2019, and how you can use these to easily make Workspaces available across your organisation, aiding in the self-service of data and making use of FME’s reporting capabilities.

Local Government Planning Solutions Webinar

IMGS have developed an array of solutions to assist Local Governments in their day to day planning function and provide an overview and demo of these solutions in this webinar including:

  • New Planning Capture Tool
  • Pre-Planning Portal
  • Planning Reports
  • Planning Alert
  • Planning Public Portal

"Click Before You Dig" Webinar

This “Click Before You Dig” Webinar gives an overview and demo of the “Click Before You Dig Portal” (CBYD Portal).

This self-service portal uses FME Desktop, FME Server and a simple web client called the IMGS Mapping Portal to enable registered users to request the enet data they need, in a format they want on any device in a matter of minutes.

FME and Word Webinar

One of the most popular enhancements in FME 2018, is the ability to push out data in a friendly styled format like word or excel.  The new transformers let you style and output your data for word pages, excel sheets and powerpoint slides.

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the word reporting features and a live demo to showcase the tool.

Local Authority Property Asset Management

This webinar will clearly demonstrate how our Asset Management Solution manages and captures geospatial and related data for property assets. Presenters: Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director IMGS and Garrett Cronin, Commercial Manager IMGS.

IMGS Mapping Portal for FME Server & Cloud

We will present our new mapping portal for FME Server & Cloud. This new web client enables FME user to create a simple map portals for customers, citizens and internal staff. It empowers them with the ability to self-serve.

The “Simple Map” for Location Publisher

Garrett Cronin & Ciaran Kinane will demonstrate the new simple map we have developed for Location Publisher.

Introducing the IMGS FME Playground

At this webinar we will be introducing our new IMGS FME Playground. In the IMGS FME Playground we have a whole host of new and innovative workspaces you can try for free with your own data!

Triggering FME with your Database

Create SQL triggers to run your FME Workspaces

“Monitoring Change” using ERDAS Imagine


Automating Alerts With FME



GeoMedia 101

This webinar is aimed at new users, or anyone who would like a refresher of GeoMedia. This introductory webinar will include an overview, which will also be useful for anyone who would like to learn more about the capabilities on this innovative solution.

Mobile GIS – Mobile Map Works

We will be demonstrating the benefits of Mobile GIS using Hexagon’s Mobile Map Works.

Using Eircode with IMGS Solutions

This webinar will be a 30-40 minute presentation and live demonstration to provide attendees with details on how to manage and use Eircode data with IMGS solutions.

Hexagon Smart M.App

With a number of game changing announcements from Hexagon Geospatial, this webinar will provide an introduction into the latest developments, including the Hexagon Cloud Strategy.

FME Desktop 101

This webinar is aimed at new users to FME or anyone who would like a refresher of FME Desktop. This introductory webinar will be an overview of FME Desktop using Irish examples and workflows.

We will guide you through the key capabilities of FME using some common data transformation scenarios such as Format Translation, Content Restructuring and Data Reprojection. By the end of this webinar you will learn how to accomplish several fundamental tasks though the power of FME.

Custom Command FOW

Session to review how custom command is used to relate premises to network


Using IMAGINE and Spatial Modeller to Automate Residential Development Planning

This webinar will demonstrate how spatial modeller performs analysis based on the needs of several criteria to find optimum locations for development. It will also show how the IMAGINE Map Composer tool can produce maps similar to a GIS and also how the Spatial Modeller can be used to perform GIS analysis tasks.

IMGS Location Publisher and Location Publisher Mobile 4.4 Update

This webinar will look at the newest features and tools in our flagship solutions, with a presentation for 30-40 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session.


GeoMedia 2015

With the release of Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio 2015, which includes Producer, Provider and Platform suites, we take a look at GeoMedia 2015 as part of the Producer suite. The Producer Suite empowers organisations to collect, process, analyse and understand raw geospatial data.

GeoMedia WebMap 2015

This webinar will provide attendees with a first-hand look at the newest release of this innovative solution and the new features and tools included in this release. The webinar will begin with a 30-40 minute presentation and demonstration from General Manager, Ciaran Kirk and will finish with a live Q&A session where attendees can ask questions.


Point Cloud Data Management with ERDAS IMAGINE and APOLLO

During this webinar, we will look at big data management and clip, zip and ship with APOLLO. We will also look at how you can visualise and analyse LiDAR point cloud with IMAGINE.

Planning Solutions for Local Government

During this webinar, we will look at our end to end planning solutions for Local Government, from providing a self-service pre-planning portal for customer enquiries with regards to future planning applications, to capturing planning application boundaries, monuments and enforcements with GeoMedia Smart Client, through to publishing across the intranet to local authority stakeholders (using GeoMedia Web Publisher Portal) and internet (using IMGS Location Publisher) to members of the public.


GeoMedia WebMap 2014

This webinar will include a presentation and demonstration, followed by a Q & A session and will look at newest release of this innovative solution.

FME for Local Government

At this webinar, we will discuss how FME can automate data updates to and from third parties (such as road opening requests) and how this data is validated to ensure accurate data. Additionally, we will also demonstrate how FME can support data updates to Open Data and Government Portals.

Finally, we will also look at how to disseminate Local Government data and how it can then be provided to mobile users. All these services will be available from IMGS via the FME cloud.


GeoMedia Smart Client

This webinar will provide attendees with a unique look at this enterprise solution which provides advanced geospatial workflows. We will demonstrate workflows for Planning Application, Property Management and Cemetery Management with full active directory integration to control access.

IMGS Location Publisher Mobile 4.3

This webinar aims to provide attendees with a first-hand look at the newest release from the IMGS Location Publisher suite – IMGS Location Publisher Mobile 4.3. The webinar will be 30 – 40 minutes long, with time for a Q&A at the end of the session.


GeoMedia 2014

This webinar will include a presentation and demonstration and will look at newest release of this innovative solution.