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Partnership Built on Innovation and Expertise

Safe Software are the creators and developers of FME, a world leading data integration platform with specialised support for spatial data. Based in Vancouver, Canada, they have a team of more than 200 staff with over 150 partners worldwide who are dedicated to helping data users discover the power that their data holds.

IMGS have been working closely with our partner Safe Software for over two decades. During this time, IMGS have delivered award winning projects using the FME integration platform for local authorities, government agencies, utilities and communication organisations.

IMGS Authorised Gold Partner

FME Certified Trainer

IMGS is recognised globally as an Authorised Gold Partner.  This permits us to sell, install and configure FME Form, FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted. We are also permitted to provide training, technical support and professional services relating to the FME integration platform. On our staff of highly trained technicians, we have Safe Software certified Trainers, Flow Professional’s & Flow/ Flow Hosted Professional’s.

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FME Flow Hosted
FME Flow Hosted

Safe Software has partnered with IMGS since 2003.  We’ve been continuously impressed with their passion, innovation, expertise, and care for our common customers.  We look forward to more stories of their clients’ successes in leveraging our technology and IMGS’s expertise to gain big jumps in productivity and informed decision making” – Dale Lutz – Co-Founder & VP, Safe Software