The Origin of DataBuilders

IMGS started business in 2002 as a GIS or Geographic (location based) solutions provider, but in the last three years they expanded their customers offerings to include market leading data analytics and integration. This expansion prompted the recent development of the new “DataBuilders” brand, which is a sub brand of IMGS, and is focused on delivering their Data Intelligence solutions into new markets, following several significant new wins.

What DataBuilders can do for you

Data Intelligence and information is at the core of what DataBuilders does. DataBuilders provides solutions to automate data flows, visualise information and build data insights to drive business value.

DataBuilders delivers an end-to-end analytic platform with full data integration, data warehouse and embedded dashboards, which provides real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

Through DataBuilder’s partnerships with industry leading platforms, Safe Software, Sisense, and DataGalaxy, they have curated a complete, 360-degree, data solution with the ability to scale up as required and deliver true digital transformation for their customers.

DataBuilders delivers a complete cloud-based analytic platform with full data integration, data governance and embedded dashboards, which provide real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

Our Customer Centric Approach

The key to our success is that we stay focused on our customer and their needs and deliver solutions to meet those needs. In many cases, spending time in consultation with one customer identifies a solution which is easily adaptable to other clients with similar needs.

We understand that delivering the solution is just the beginning; it caries very little value if it is not backed up by top-class support. Our support service is second to none and if you doubt that, please ask our customers.

When you choose DataBuilders, you are choosing a dedicated partner that is committed to driving your business forward. Our comprehensive data intelligence solutions, strategic partnerships, customer-centric approach and unparalleled support set us apart in the industry. Let us empower your organisation with the insights and intelligence that you need to succeed in today’s data driven world.

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