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Automated Network Routing Solution

Enet is Ireland’s largest, open access network provider. They build and operate the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which is facilitating the delivery of affordable, world-class broadband and wireless services to homes and businesses nationwide.

Enet operates fibre optic infrastructure known as the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), on behalf of the Irish government. The (MAN) network delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth to 94 towns and cities throughout regional Ireland.  Latterly the company has also integrated an extensive, high performance licensed wireless network to complement their fibre footprint.

The Challenge: Streamlining Processes

Facing an influx of 120 network routing requests per month, Enet sought to modernise their approach.  Each request required extensive manual processing, consuming valuable time, and resources.  The goal was clear: create a solution that was not only user-friendly but also efficient, secure, automated, and auditable.

An Automated Network Routing Solution

IMGS were engaged to develop an online portal “Click Before You Dig”, that would be accessible externally for any contractor to create an account and request the enet network routing for a specific area. The requestor simply draws a polygon around the area in question, gives the request a reference number and presses submit. Standard web mapping is used for this stage of the process.

Enet Automated Network Routing Solution
Enet Solution Snapshot

Upon submission, users receive prompt acknowledgment and, shortly after, a detailed PDF showcasing the requested area overlaid with Enet’s network infrastructure. Enet’s own OSi mapping is used for this stage, as it is more accurate than web mapping. If the requestor identifies a hit, they will contact the relevant Enet field agent to request a site survey.

If there is no network in the request area, then the reply will state that there is no network in the area.

The Benefits of FME Integration:

The implementation of FME Flow (Server) proved to be a game-changer for Enet.  Automating the entire process, eliminated the need for manual intervention, saving significant time and resources previously dedicated to handling requests.  With 12 resource hours reclaimed each week, Enet’s planning team could redirect their focus to strategic initiatives, avoiding the necessity for additional hires.

The Results: Efficiency Redefined

Today, Enet boasts a fully operational customer portal, seamlessly managing over 120 requests monthly with minimal internal oversight.  Beyond enhancing customer satisfaction, the portal’s success has paved the way for broader automation initiatives with Enet’s operations.  From streamlining GIS tasks to facilitating internal requests, FME has become an indispensable asset across the organisation.

Ronan McDonogh, Enet, encapsulates the journey perfectly: “FME started life as a GIS tool in our Planning Team, but since has grown to a large-scale data manipulator across our organisation.”

Looking to streamline your network routing processes and embrace automation for increased efficiency and resource optimisation? Enet’s success story showcases the transformative power of innovative solutions like FME integration. If you’re facing similar challenges in your organisation, let us help you navigate the path to streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and propel your business forward into a more automated future.


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