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As one of the leading GIS & Data technology providers in Ireland, our team is comprised of multi-disciplined Data, GIS & IT professionals as well as industry experts who deliver our FME Consulting Services.  This team can advise you on the best approach, technology and deployment options for your specific project or proof of concept.  Our professional services provide you with access to domain experts with the right skills and knowledge to implement your project.


At IMGS, we provide solutions to connect applications, transform data and automate workflows. For the better part of two decades, IMGS has enabled organisations to power the flow of data through their departments in a secure & scalable manner. We can provide access to the entire FME product portfolio which consists of FME DesktopFME Server and FME Cloud. Combined, these products form the FME Integration Platform. This powerful solution coupled with our industry leading technical support, training and consulting services will ensure you’ve the winning combination to create a cost effective and scalable solution for your organisation.  

IMGS Training Services

IMGS offer a wide range of on-site, hosted and virtual training courses.  The courses available include:

  • FME Desktop Standard (Beginner)
  • FME Desktop Advanced
  • FME Server
  • FME & ArcGIS On-line

For full course details visit our training services page HERE


IMGS Your Trusted FME Advisor

The team at IMGS are highly skilled and fully certified in FME Trainer, Server and Business Professional certifications.  You can relax knowing that you are in trusted hands when working with IMGS on a project or participating in our FME training courses.


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