Ismail Ansari Staff Profile

Ismail Ansari Staff Profile

Can your describe your role at IMGS?

I work as a “Solutions Lead” at IMGS. The role involves providing solution designs to IMGS customers (local government and utility organisations). I also co-ordinate with the development team and OEM partners to deliver customised solutions for our customers. In addition, I also integrate custom solutions with other OEM products to meet customer needs.

What do you enjoy most about working at IMGS?

The IMGS development team are exceptionally supportive, and I can reach out to any member for technical discussions and troubleshooting assistance regarding customer-reported issues.

Solutions Lead

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to research the latest technology developments and trends, particularly in the area of software development and customisation.  I am also interested in keeping up with current affairs.

What inspired your to pursue the career that you have today?

You could say that I was inspired by the vastness of knowledge and the opportunity to learn new things everyday.  This sector requires ongoing upskilling to deliver a quality and efficient service to each customer.

What is your favourite type of food/ cuisine?

I like Mughlai food (Indian Cuisine) and Arabic Cuisine.

What would your idea of a perfect weekend look like?

On the weekend I like to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Mountain Village

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

This isn’t an easy question, as there are alot of places in the world that I would like to visit.  My preference would be to travel to a hillside village away from city life to relax and have quality time with my family.

What's something that you've always wanted to try or learn?

I enjoy learning about new technology, in particular computer programming languages and database programming.

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