ERDAS Photogrammetry

A Complete Suite Of Photogrammetry
Software Tools

Transform Raw Imagery into Reliable Data Layers

IMAGINE Photogrammetry, a seamlessly integrated collection of software tools, enables you to transform raw imagery into reliable data layers required for all digital mapping, raster processing, GIS raster analysis, and 3D visualization needs. 

This integrated software platform means robust photogrammetry, GIS, image processing and point cloud tools are all made available in one powerful product. Distribute processing over multiple cores or workstations effectively maximising available recourses and production output. 


Produce Accurate Data using Triangulation

Tie imagery together and to ground reference points for additional data processing, such as DTM extraction, terrain editing, orthorectification, and feature collection.

Extract 3D Point Clouds with Semi-Global Matching

Create an accurate dense point cloud with high-definition hard edges on rooftops and encode the point cloud output for an image-like quality dataset.


Produce Orthomosaics for Seamless Map Displays

Mosaic hundreds of images together into a single image view for more accurate and up-to-date information.

Harness Point Cloud Data

Manipulate LiDAR data interactively while displayed in 2D, 3D and profile views.


Save Processing Time

Distribute processing over multiple cores or workstations, effectively maximizing available resources and production output.


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