Sisense Bootcamp Israel

On day one of the Sisense bootcamp in Tel Aviv, Israel, myself and Ciaran arrived SisenseBuilding1at the Atrium Tower to start our bootcamp. We were immediately wowed by the impressive skyscrapers and towers surrounding us. The building hosting us, had 40 floors and we were on floor 16. We were met by Einat Pick, the organiser of the bootcamp. We had a very welcoming reception where we were given goodie bags and the opportunity to speak to other Sisense partners, who were also attending the bootcamp from all around the world.


From day one to four we were given the opportunity to listen to a large variety of different Sisense staff members, who all had various roles within the company including one of the founders, who gave a great overview of how Sisense came to be, from a college project to a billion dollar company.

These speakers each gave a different insight into Sisense and how the company works. Some of the topics covered include product updates (including glimpses into future releases), Sisense Alliance Partnerships, Prospecting and Creating a demand and many other topics.

My personal favourite topic was Prospecting and Creating demand which was presented by Yaniv Matan Levy. I found Yaniv to be a greatly enthusiastic speaker, also very clear and informative. We were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session in order to iron out any queries and find out as much as we can about the various topics. I learned a lot on this trip, which I feel I can take advantage of in my role at IMGS.

After the bootcamp on Day one, we were brought out for a lovely dinner to the Kitchen Market by the Sisense team, along with the other Sisense partners. The restaurant we attended was facing the beach and provided beautiful views. This was a great SisenseBeach1opportunity to get to know the other Sisense Partners and create relationships with the partners as well as the Sisense team. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and great fun. The Sisense team got everyone involved in various games at the dinner, to break the ice and get everyone chatting to one another. We played Kahoot! A popular quiz game which was known to many at the dinner. It was interesting to listen to others and their experience with Sisense and various tips they have for being a partner with Sisense.

Every day of the bootcamp we were provided with a generous lunch by the Sisense team. At lunch time we also got the opportunity to network and get to know everyone at the bootcamp. Everyone was great fun and extremely friendly.

After the bootcamp on day 2 I travelled to a famous shopping centre called Dizengoff  Centre. I was eager to see what the shops were like in the middle east! The shopping centre was across 3 SisenseShoppingCentrefloors and included many shops which we have in Ireland, including Zara!

I also got to enjoy the stunning views from our hotel roof top both before and after the bootcamp in either the morning or the evening.  Our hotel was in an ideal location along with being very comfortable and modern.


Overall, my trip to Israel for the Sisense Bootcamp was extremely successful and I am really excited about what Sisense can do for our customers. I really enjoyed Israel and hope to return one day!

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