HxGN Live

Author: Ciaran Kirk, General Manager IMGS

Once again, the annual Hexagon conference “HxGN LIVE” took place in Las Vegas and the IMGS team attended to see the latest developments from the Hexagon family.

The conference is centred around the theme of Shaping Smart Change in 2018 and beyond, and this year (as ever) the conference didn’t disappoint with a range of exciting developments that will change the geospatial industry.

A highlight of HxGN live for me, is attending the keynote presentations from each of the divisions.  At the keynotes, each division’s president outlines their vision for their industry and unveils some new toys as well!

At the Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Keynote, Stephen Cost spoke on how Hexagon are powering Safe Cities through lightning fast sensor integration to make faster more informed decisions. Safety & Infrastructure are doing this by enhancing their command and control solutions to take advantage of Hexagon Xalt.

Hexagon Xalt

Hexagon Xalt collects and analyses IoT and sensor data at the edge of a customer’s network – i.e. at the source of the input data – and puts it to work with artificial intelligence (AI) to create autonomous connected systems (ACE). For blue light organisations, this will enable those first responders to deliver smart procedures that can be deployed to better analyse, diagnose, and act on an incident and in the end save lives through faster more informed decisions.

Building on the Smart theme Hexagon Geospatial’s Keynote from Mladen Stojic focused on Bridging the Divide to a Smart Digital Reality through an integrated 5D platform. We are all used to 1,2 and 3D but through the acquisition of Luciad, the Hexagon Smart M.App platform will support 4D (real-time sensor feed integration) and 5D (dynamic analytics) to provide true location intelligence.  The merger of Luciad and Hexagon Geospatial really is a game changer and remember I mentioned toys!


Well the 2018 Luciad release provides fantastic support for viewing point cloud data by enabling the streaming of highly detailed point cloud data to both the desktop and the browser. What also impressed me about the Luciad solution, was how it could easily update data without needing to run a big caching process!  We are so excited about what we can do with this fantastic platform, so watch this space over the coming months.

And the final keynote I attended was from Juergen Dold of Hexagon’s Geosystem (or Leica to you and me).  Juergen’s keynote never disappoints when it comes to game changing new technologies (toys!) and this year was no different.

The highlight, from an array of great new products, was the Leica BLK3D. The BLK3D

Leica BLK3D

captures images and places precise measurements at your fingertips and it’s the size of an iPhone!  Just by taking a photograph you can accurately measure anything and then easily share the images and measurements in multiple formats.

Following on from last year’s award winning BLK360, which put laser scanning in the palm of your hand, Geosystems continue their drive to making it easier and easier to capture the digital reality through portable measurement tools.

So, we left Vegas with plenty of things to think about, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

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