Location Intelligence 2021

This virtual event provides an in-depth overview of the Location Intelligence Solutions, that IMGS and Hexagon can provide, to bridge the gap between the Geospatial and Operational Worlds.

Both sessions from our February 2nd event are available to watch below.


Location Intelligence 2021 – Session 1

Session 1 of the “Location Intelligence 2021” virtual event covers the following presentation topics:

M.App Enterprise 2021 (Markus Holler, Product Line Director, Hexagon Geospatial)

Power Portfolio 2021 Roadmap (Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, IMGS)

Location Intelligence 2021 – Session 2

Session 2 of the “Location Intelligence 2021” Virtual Event covers the following presentation topics:
Despite COVID-19 – Hexagon Geospatial customers projects continue” (Armin Hoff, Vice President EMEA Channel & Global Partner Program at Hexagon, Hexagon Geospatial)

Photogrammetry in Land & Property Services (Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, IMGS) 

Asset Register Update including FME reporting and latest tools (Garrett Cronin, Commercial Manager, IMGS) 

Predictive Analytics with M.App Enterprise (Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, IMGS)