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IMGS Win the Safe Software
"EMEA Partner of the Year Award"

Dublin, 17th December 2020

IMGS, a 360-degree data and location intelligence solutions specialist, were awarded Safe Software’s “EMEA Partner of the Year” title, at the recent Safe Software Partner Summit. 

“We are constantly blown away by the FME work that IMGS produces. This year has been an outlier for everyone, but IMGS never lost their momentum. They quickly pivoted from their in-person events into virtual ones, kept up a consistent webinar and training program, and were also the first partner to qualify for Safe Software’s Partner Expertise Program as FME Experts in Transportation. The success of Safe Software’s Partner Program would not look the same without the hard work of partners like IMGS. We look forward to the activities and campaigns that the IMGS team has planned for 2021, and the future of our partnership to come.” – Atsuko Froats, Partner Program Manager Safe Software.

“Our success this year has been driven by our customers, who rather than seek innovation for its own sake, they have focused on people before technology. With all the challenges 2020 brought, they asked themselves, how can we meet our citizens, customers, and stakeholders where they are, on the platforms & devices they are using? How can we transform current processes to be digitally responsive, automated, and empowering in these challenging times?  These questions guided their efforts, and I am very proud that IMGS could be part of these innovative projects.

FME based solutions this year have been at the heart of Covid-19 community response portals, supporting citizens to share their culture and engage with their community along with working with countless organisations to empower their remote workers through automated data distribution and self-service”, Garrett Cronin, Commercial Manager IMGS. 

“It’s fantastic news and a credit to the efforts of the team at IMGS and our customers also.  Ireland has a fantastic FME community and it has been a privilege to help support our customers Covid-19 FME efforts this year, as well as working with them to keep their day-to-day business activities running.  Our customers have kept a steady stream of new challenges coming our way, which makes training and supporting them a positive challenge and helps keeps the team on their toes.  

2020 has laid the groundwork for a lot of new projects for next year, including plans to build upon the great FME Community in Ireland.  2021 should build on this foundation to be even better and hopefully we’ll even be able to see each other in person!”, Gavin Park, Lead Solutions Consultant IMGS.

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Garrett Cronin, Commercial Manager 

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Atsuko Froats, Partner Program Manager Safe Software



About Safe Software:

Safe Software are the creators and developers of FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Based out of Surrey, with a staff of 190 and over 150 partners worldwide who are dedicated to helping data users around the world discover the power that their data holds. Visit

About IMGS:

Data Intelligence and information is at the core of what IMGS does.  IMGS provide solutions to automate data flows, visualise information and power data insights to drive business value.  Founded in 2002 IMGS have a proven pedigree in data management supporting over 100 customers across the island of Ireland from utilities, telecommunications, defence, and local & central government.  Visit