FME 2021.1

FME 2021.1 delivers new capabilities for organizations to expand enterprise integration, optimize business performance, and increase speed to insight with unrivalled spatial data support.

We have outlined some of the key features in the FME 2021.1 release below:

Streamlined Workflows

With the brand new feature Streams in FME Server, it’s easier than ever to integrate streaming data and IoT for continuous, real-time processing.

With the enhanced TimeWindower, you can elevate your real-time streaming workflows and easily manager data in-order or out-of-order.

Streaming data of any volume, from low or sporadic to dedicated high volume where low latency is a requirement, are perfect for Streams.  As an alternative to bulk or batch workflows, Streams enables data to be processed before it’s stored so you can summarise, filter and use data the way you need to.

Data-Aware Transformer Dialogues

Now when configuring Test or TestFilter clauses, you can start typing and see matching values or simple use checkboxes.

Parameter Dialogue Builder

Use a simple drag and drop interface to build user parameter dialogs for workspaces and custom transformers. This makes the process of sharing your creations easier. Recipients and users of your work will only need to adjust the parameters you’ve specifically requested instead of needing to fill in more than what your workspace or custom transformer requires.

Automate with Increased Control

With more updates to Automations in FME Server, it’s even easier to manage integration patterns and maximise the value of your data.

  • Reduce duplicate work and runtime with Split-Merge Block by creating multiple output ports to run workspace actions. With elastic split-merge control over parallel processing, you can build more complex Automations!
  • Use Guaranteed Delivery to configure the number of workflow attempts as well as handle and track failures in multiple internal and external systems. With Guaranteed Delivery, you can ensure automated actions always occur.
  • Manually trigger Automations workflows with the click of a button or by making a REST call. This is perfect for Automations that process big jobs or for troubleshooting complex triggers.
  • New security authentication support for Generic Directory saves time when configuring an FME Server installation.