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What if you could visualise your organisation’s data on top of Google Maps? What if your internal stakeholders could quickly create location-based business intelligence, dashboards, and spatial reports with no technical know-how?

Hexagon’s Feature Analyser empowers your organisation to seamlessly incorporate its business data with the Google Maps Platform to create interactive, thematic maps.  It gives your organisation the ability to effectively explore its multi-dimensional business data in a self-guided, explorative, and interactive fashion while retaining Google Maps as the map view.

With Feature Analyser, non-technical users can quickly create dashboards and a wide range of stunning geospatial reports, helping your organisation to better visualise, analyse, and operationalise its important business data. Get more value out of your Google Maps Platform implementation. Discover what Feature Analyser’s capabilities can do for your data – and your business.

M.App Enterprise Feature Analyser Key Features

  • Store & Host Your Content On One Map: Visualise, analyse, and operationalise your business data and information on top of Google Maps.
  • Create Business Analytics & Dashboards Without Coding: Interact with your historic and live business data using meaningful intelligence products right out of the box.
  • Manage & Automate Data Collection Workflows: Create web forms and mobile apps to collect data, update your databases, and visualise the information.
  • Apply Saptial Filters to Your Data: Collect, organise, refine, and experience your data and information using spatial filters.
  • Analyse Hot Spots and Trends: Identify time-based patterns, hot spots, and trends based on your data using Google Maps as the map view.
  • See Your Data in 3D: Visualise your business data and information in a new way with distance calculation of 3D assets and 3D mesh capabilities.

How To Get Started With Feature Analyser

Connect to Your Data

Feature Analyser natively supports most common geospatial formats, including:

  • GeoJSON, TopoJSON
  • CSV
  • SHP
  • REST endpoints

Point to your data sources and start configuring attribute-based charts. Use Google Maps Platform Base Map
Feature Analyser can use any standard map tile service or WMS, including the Google Maps Tile Service.



Analyser displaying 911 calls in New York City over a certain time period. Pin cluster markers showing concentration of incidents over a base map, and including various interactive charts that break down incident data into categories.

What\’s New in M.App Enterprise?

Markus Holler, Product Line Director at Hexagon presents M.App Enterprise 2021 Insights for Smart Cities during session 1 of the IMGS Location Intelligence 2021 virtual event.

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