Infuse Data Analytics Everywhere with Sisense

Find out what Sisense can do for you and register for our next webinar “Infuse Data Analytics Everywhere with Sisense”, Thursday, 13th May 2021 @11am.

This session will cover a wide variety of topics including:
• Simplifying big data analysis using elastic-cube and live models
• Bringing in customized AI-powered experiences to dashboards and infusing them into your product/business

Sisense have introduced a number of new AI features in their recent product releases, some of which we will cover in this webinar :

1) Simply Ask (NLQ):
It enables a user to ask questions in natural language and receive visualisations that answers them.

2) Explanations:
Sisense analyses the data and automatically suggests probable factors causing upward or downward trends in your KPIs.

3) Forecast:
Based on historical data, users can predict future values.

4) AI Exploration paths:
Based on the data, Sisense automatically finds exploration paths for you to drill down into, which you mightn’t have thought about.

5) Jupyter Notebook integration:
Analyse, transform and enrich data using Python from within the Sisense environment