IMGS Data Intelligence Event 2020

The IMGS Data Intelligence Virtual Event took place on September 20th 2020.

The recordings for this event provide an overview of the IMGS Data Intelligence Platform as a 360 Degree Data Solution, delivering a full range of data services from Integration to Data Warehousing and Analytics.

Each session features a mix of IMGS and guest presenters from our 3 Data Intelligence Vendor Partners : Talend, Snowflake and Sisense.

Data Intelligence 2020 Session 1: “Turning Data Chaos into Data Clarity”

Companies must leverage data to accelerate productivity, unlock new revenue streams and adapt to market demand.  

In this session learn how Talend Data Inventory accelerates data-to-value with easy dataset documentation, quality proofing and promotion.

Talend Data Inventory pinpoints data silos across your enterprise and targets to achieve reusable and shareable data assets to create a single point of trust.

Data Intelligence 2020 Session 2: “Delivering Predictive Analytics with the IMGS Data Intelligence” Platform

In these challenging times predictive analytics can be used to deliver considerable savings in operational costs and drive increased revenue.

But accurate predictive analytics that deliver real value require a complete data intelligence solution to manage, govern, store and visualise the big data and analytics to deliver real digital transformation.