Data Webinar Archive

Migrate to the Cloud with IMGS

In this webinar you will learn how IMGS can power your move from on premise data to the cloud. We will show how Talend Data Studio can migrate on premise legacy relational data to a cloud data warehouse – Snowflake.
We will also demonstrate how Talend’s remote engine capability can provide a hybrid approach and ensure sensitive data can remain on premise, while still taking advantage of cloud processing power.

Combine the Power of BI and GIS for Valuable Insights

In this webinar you will learn how IMGS have combined Safe Software’s FME with Sisense Business Intelligence to create integrated dashboards that deliver in depth spatial analysis and visualisation at the touch of a button.

By integrating FME Server Apps with Sisense Blox, users can perform advanced spatial analysis and data manipulation from within the Sisense Dashboard.


Talend Stitch Data Webinar

IMGS will host a Talend Stitch Data Webinar, Wednesday 4th March @ 11am. During this webinar you will learn how to build your data pipeline to get Data from the sources that matter most.

Talend Data Quality

IMGS would like to invite you to register for our webinar “Talend Data Quality” on Tues 7th May @ 10am.

This webinar will provide an overview and demo of all aspects of Data Quality – Classification of Data, Data Stewardship and Data Preparation.

“Zero to Snowflake” Webinar


This session will provide an overview of Snowflake and IMGS and walk you through a practical demo, which showcases how you can shorten your time to insight, instantly scale up or down and analyse all of your data.

Data Preparation and Self Service Webinar

Discover how Talend Data Preparation, enables its users to create clean, self-service data in minutes!

Talend Data Preparation combines intuitive self-service data preparation and data curation tools with data integration to accelerate data usage across the organisation.

Accelerate GDPR Readiness

The “Accelerate Your GDPR Readiness” Webinar is scheduled for Tues 17th April @ 2pm. This webinar will demonstrate how we automate Digital Subject Access Requests (SAR), via web services, to greatly speed up information requests.

Turn Complex Data into Powerful Business Intelligence with Sisense

Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director IMGS and Aditya Dhote, ETL Engineer IMGS will present a webinar titled “Turn Complex Data into Powerful Business Intelligence with Sisense”, Thursday 10th January @10am. This webinar will provide an overview and demo of Sisense capabilities.